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           More then 80 km away from Khuzdar there is a beautiful village called Moola. Moola is a Tehsil of District Khuzdar. Its population is more then 20000 thousand. It has hottest places in the country like Sibi and Dhadar, where temperature shoots up to over 120 F, as well as coldest towns like Quetta, Kalat, Ziarat, Kan Mehtarzai where mercury falls down much below freezing point

        Balochi is a generalized term, for the people include the Dravidian-speaking Brahui possibly the last descendants of the Indus Civilization, and the Jat or Zutt, an Indo Aryan speaking people of Indian origin. Most people speak Brabui.

        Which is renowned on account of its colossal mountains, photostreams, springs and waterfalls, rice, date, fish. Sub Tehsil Moola consist of many small villages and town Such as Goerowe, Nahr, Manjalove, Upper Hossoi, Lower Hossoi, Peer lakhah, Paetame, Hayrav, Kharzan, Hitachi, Jahan, Parewande, Khohive and many other small villages and town. Moola is famous due to historical place as well as its geographical location. it is the get way between central Balochistan and west Balochistan, Sindh and Iran. People opt this way (Moola Pass) because it is the shortest distance between central Balochistan and sindh.

        Ruins of Thore khear, Hatachi, Hayrav, Kial Beig and Pasta Khan reveal the belonging of Moola to the 2000-year-old civilization. The things found from these ruins show the prosperity and civilization of that area. They were cphotoivilized and good architects. They used to live in the caves and stone made building. They kept cattle's and flocks. Different kinds of utensil, toys, statues and idles made up of mud and stone have been found from this area. Instead of these things, many types of ornament are found, made up of animal bones and stone. The people of this area sail these precious things at low cost or throw them considering useless. If Agrological Department pay attention towards these ruins then it will helpful know the historical background of these ruins.

        Moola River is the biggest river of Jalawan. Its origin exists in mountains of Dist Khuzdar. It flows through out the year. Local people make bounds to use the water of this river for irrigation and daily requirements. It irrigates a vast area. Fish is also found in this river that is why fishing is the one of the best hobbies of the people of this area.

        Most of the people of this zone are related to agricultphotoure sector and keep flock in their homes. It is also well known due to its chase crops for instance rice, wheat. Moola is also famous due to the cultivation of rice in Balochistan. Many vegetables are grown in this region such as Tomato, Pea, Ladyfinger, Onion, Sunflower, Pumpkin and Mustard etc. It is one of the place hottest place of Balochistan due the reason there are many fields of Mangos. These mangos are juicy and suitable for the manufacture of pickle. Besides mangoes there are many fields of orange, lemon, olive.

        Jahan is the one of the most beautiful village of Sub Tehsil moola. Its population is more than 2000 thousand. Green field of wheat and rice are spread all over the village. In this village many waterfalls are found. Chotokphoto is the one of biggest waterfall of Sub Thesil Moola as well as Balochistan. It is found in Jahan village. Chotok is a very beautiful waterfall. This waterfall consists of between two hills. The peaks of the hills are interacted with each other. That is why waterfall just looks like the umbrella and prevails thick dark. For this reason it attracts the tourist to itself. Its water is hot during winter season and cold during summer season. People feel pleasant there and find themselves in the imaginative world.

        The cause of downfall of the people of this sector is the lack of literacy rate. As the matter of fact they are unknown to the importance of literacy and education. The Govt is paying a very low attention and has not taken any suitable step yet. There is only one so-called primary schools in the whole area. photoTeachers remain absent through out the year; as a result the children are deprive of education. There is only one Primary Girl School that has been closed for many years due to this the literacy rate of women in the area is zero percent. Building of many schools have turned into ruins and the process of education have not been started yet. Government of Balochistan pays ful attention to this area to improved literacy rate and attendance of teachers who never attend the schools once in a year. But they receive the dues monthly from Govt. Ministry of Education should take notice regarding to this problem. photo

        People of this area are also deprived of health facilities. There is only one hospital in whole Moola. Dispensaries are in few villages but without presence of health staff and medicines. Patients die before reaching the Dist hospital, due to the poor condition of road and lack of communication recourse.

        More than 50 commercial varieties of dates are produced here. Incidentally the Brahui language has one ~ hundred words for dates as also for camels, such as Giear dani, Puskone dani, Mohammad useafi etc.

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